The Natural Project


­We live in a culture that has an obsession with beauty. Carefully airbrushed models smile back at us from magazine pages, television, and billboards, leaving many of us feeling pressured to change how we look.

My goal with the Natural project is to showcase natural beauty by photographing women of all shapes, sizes, age, and race with no makeup on. The idea originated from many of my friends who feel super uncomfortable leaving the house without their usual foundation/liner/mascara routine. Sure, it’s fun to wear makeup and it makes us feel put together but when we don’t feel confident or beautiful without it, that’s a problem, don’t you think? 

The plan is to compile a number of the images into a book, along with insight from real, everyday women. Want to get involved? I’m always looking for women to photograph! You could be 12 or 112, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t live in the eastern Virginia area, you can still help by taking the survey. Some of your quotes/insight may be included in the book.

Have an awesome Wednesday!