Why Photography is Important for Your Business

Photography is crucial for businesses, but is often an afterthought. Websites, ads, and brochures all need photography and it’s important to put serious thought into what photos you use because they can benefit or hurt your business/brand.

Today I'm sharing why photography is such an important asset for your business and some ways you can obtain high quality photos:

Why Photography is Important for Your Business | Lauren MacMoyle | Photography


It’s an essential part of your brand

As I’ve said before, a good brand helps attract your ideal client and create trust with them. It’s easy to get caught up with your logo, business cards, and website but you shouldn’t stop there. Photography is a large part of your brand; there’s no point in having an awesome website and brochure if the photos used in them are poor quality or don’t match stylistically.

Photography is an essential part of brand recognition. For evidence of this, look no further than Anthropologie. They have a very specific target audience (ME) and photography is a huge part of their brand. Whether it’s product photos or styled shoots, cool neutrals with pops of warm color characterize their photography style. Styling is simple and doesn’t distract from the products being featured.


Can help increase sales

Good photos show off all of the best qualities of your products. High quality product shots will help you sell more, especially if you show a few different angles and detail shots.

Styled shoots can give suggestions on how the product can be used. For instance, showing an art print framed and in a styled room can give someone an idea of where they could use it in their own home. Styled photos also do very well on Pinterest, as people are looking for inspiration/new products to try. Utilizing Pinterest is a good way to drive traffic to your website or shop.

A great example of well done product photos is The Paris Print Shop on Etsy. They have beautiful products and their photos are carefully styled – time and thought definitely went into their presentation. With 17,000+ sales and counting, they’re doing something right!


Improves social media presence

Social media is important for any business, and people are more likely to follow and interact with businesses that post high quality photos and graphics. Posting a link with a photo on Facebook will get more interaction than just a plain link, and photos help attract attention in busy newsfeeds. 


Some ways to obtain photographs are:

1 | Custom: Hire a photographer that will work with you to bring your vision to life. Investing in custom photography is the best choice when you need things like product shots for a brochure or employee head shots.

2 | Stock: High quality stock photos can be easily found on websites like iStockphoto and Unsplash. They’re a good option when you are looking for generic images to complete documents like magazines, brochures, or websites.

Quick tips: Make sure the stock photos are cohesive with whatever other photos you’re using them with. Also, if they look too staged it will be obvious they’re stock photos.

3 | Flickr: A less common and more time intensive way to find photos is through Flickr. You can either search for images that are listed under the Creative Commons license (allowing the images to be used) or message someone privately and ask for permission to use it.

Check the license carefully – some licenses allow for photos to be used commercially, some only allow non-commercial use, and some you can’t use at all.

This is a good option if you are looking for something very specific – like a certain location or event that can’t be found on a regular stock photo site.


When it comes to photography for your business or brand, consistency is key. Good photography can help you sell more and attract a loyal following, but poor photography can hold you back.

Is your photography helping you or holding you back? (If it’s holding you back, I can help!)