How To Dress For a Photo Session

Planning a photo session is exciting, but whether it’s a senior shoot with one person or a family shoot with multiple people, choosing what to wear can be surprisingly difficult. Use the tips below to help you plan a great outfit no matter what kind of session you’re preparing for.

Color: Choosing a color scheme is important before deciding what to wear. The days of wearing matching white/black shirts and khakis are over (I hope!). Picking one or two main colors and pairing them with neutrals is an easy way to look put together. If you have a hard time picking out colors, Design Seeds is a great color palette resource. Remember: Coordinate, but don’t necessarily match.

Coordinate, but don’t necessarily match.

Pattern: I’m all about mixing patterns, but try to keep patterns pretty simple and in the same color schemes. If you choose to mix patterns, make sure there is enough contrast without being distracting. For instance, small stripes with a larger floral/organic print pattern work well without being too overpowering. The same thing goes for pairing accessories.

Season: Any time of year is great for photographs! Whether it’s a colorful spring or a neutral late fall, there are an endless variety of backdrops.  It’s important to keep that in mind. If your shoot is in the fall or winter when the landscape is a blend of tans and browns, you may want to wear brighter colors to help create a nice contrast with the background. Also, wear layers– they create depth, and you can have different looks during the shoot without changing.

Accessories: Using accessories during a shoot can help complete your look and show off your personality. Hats, scarves, headbands, a change of shoes and jewelry are just a few examples you can use to add interest.

Logos or Characters: Try to avoid tops with logos or characters on them, unless your shoot is themed of course. Those characters can be distracting, and some day when Frozen...can’t believe I’m saying this…isn't QUITE as popular (boo!), it will be easy to tell what time-frame the photos were taken in. I’m not saying to NEVER wear them, obviously if your child (or you!) loves a certain movie/team/brand, you’ll want to remember that! However, for more classic, hang-on-the-wall-for-ten-years-type photos, opt for clothing without logos, characters, etc.

Avoid tops with logos or characters on them, unless your shoot is themed

Still need ideas on what to wear? Check out my style board on Pinterest!