Polaroid Love

I have a collection of old cameras, my favorite being the Polaroid Land Camera (One Step) that my husband bought me when we were dating. He actually found film for it through the Impossible Project. They make film for many models of old Polaroid cameras! There’s something awesome about taking photos with something so simple – you can only take seven photos with the type of film I have (and it’s $30!), so you have to really think about what you’re going to shoot.

A few things I’ve found while shooting with this film:

1.        It’s necessary to shoot in even, natural light. I stress the word even.

2.        Strongly backlit photos will not look as pretty when shot with a Polaroid, at least mine didn’t!

3.        It’s not perfect. Some parts will blur, the color will vary between prints (even in the same film pack) but that’s part of the fun for me!

Above is an example of a photo I took with my camera. Cool right?

Old Polaroids are usually pretty cheap online, mine was from Amazon. If you want to try something new and refreshing, check out the film that the Impossible Project has to offer!