Tips for Taking Better Product Photos

Whether you’re photographing items for your blog, company, or handmade goods, product photography is hugely important. It’s crucial to portray your products in an attractive way. 


Natural light

Good lighting is the main element to consider. You don’t need a studio or lightbox to create amazing photos for your blog and products. If I really need something “studio-ish” looking, I just set up a large chair by the window and drape an appropriate colored background over it. Not fancy, I know, but it works! Another option is to go outside. If you do, try and set up in an area that’s out of the way of direct, harsh sunlight. 


Use Unique Environments

Think about what the object will be used for and what the purpose of the shot will be. You could photograph it in context, or even in a surprising or humorous way. As long as the surrounding props and background don’t take attention away from the product, feel free to get creative!

In the photo above, I’ve used an antique earthy pinkish/rust telephone bench with a painting in the background to create an interesting still life of an old bottle. The shiny green of the bottle is set off by the matte leather texture of the bench. In this instance, it turned out to be a more interesting shot than it would have been had I just photographed it on a plain white background.

Make Sure Products are Photo-ready

This is something that seems pretty obvious, but is easily forgotten in the excitement of getting to photograph something new. If you’re doing ring shots, make sure the ring has been cleaned so it’s as shiny as it can possibly be. If you’re photographing clothing or anything fabric-related, make sure they’re clean and pressed. Whatever material the items are, find a way to make them the cleanest and brightest they can be before you start shooting.

I hope these tips give you ideas on how to improve your product photos! I'm always looking for ways to improve mine. Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie are two of my favorite sites for product photography inspiration...check them out!