My Favorite Modern Wedding Trends

Wedding season is in full swing and with Pinterest being hugely popular; wedding planning has become SO much fun. There are an endless amount of ideas to help personalize your day and lots of real weddings to look at. Having photographed many weddings, I’ve had the privilege of getting to see tons of great ones firsthand. Here are some of my favorite modern wedding ideas from the past few years: 

Wedding Hashtag – Having a unique hashtag for your wedding helps you to see your special day through your guest’s eyes, and you can go back and look at them for years to come! Concerned about people taking pics on their phones and distracting other guests or getting in the photographer’s way? Limit phone usage to the reception or ask guests to be mindful about staying out of the aisles/staying seated during the ceremony.

Mixture of Desserts – So…believe it or not, not EVERYONE likes cake, and even if you do, you’ll only be eating a small fraction of it. Having a variety of desserts to try is fun for your guests, and the possibilities are endless. Try mixing and matching a small wedding cake, different flavored cupcakes, a s’more bar, or a candy bar.

Not Wearing White – There is nothing wrong with the traditional white dress, but if a traditional gown isn’t your thing, don’t feel pressured to wear a white one (and don’t let your family/friends take control and insist you wear one!). Some of the most beautiful dresses I’ve seen have NOT been white. Whether it’s a champagne color or a bright pastel, you’re sure to turn heads and make your day memorable to your guests.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses – Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be difficult. Chances are, your friends have different sizes and personalities, and it’s hard to find a dress that everyone feels comfortable in and is happy with. Feel a little weird about having your girls in different dresses? Bridesmaid dress collections usually have a lot of different dresses in the same color. You could also just give them a color and let them find one on their own.

Reception Flashmob – Having a flashmob is a sure way to crank up the fun at a wedding reception! Make sure to give your bridal party/family plenty of heads up by sending a video with the dance months ahead of time.

Unusual Locations – Outside locations are so popular right now. I've seen weddings at a park, barn, the beach, a winery, or museum, and I love it. Pick a location that makes you excited! 

Fun, right? I used some of these ideas in my own wedding and it was such a memorable day! Do what makes you happy - whether that's traditional or off the wall crazy! And now just for fun, here's a few shots from my wedding taken by the lovely Liz of Sincerely, Liz Inc. at Glencliff Manor in Lynchburg, VA.