Must-have Items for Surviving a Long Flight

Ben found out a few weeks ago that he will be going on a business trip to England, so of course I wanted to go along! He quickly agreed that I could come - such a good husband! In honor of our upcoming trip all of the posts this week will be travel and vacation themed.

If you’ve traveled by plane at all, you know just how uncomfortable it can be - especially when it’s a long flight. It’s boring, freezing, and sometimes cramped, but there are some things you can bring to make your trip more comfortable and less boring. Here are my must-haves for a long flight:

Flight essentials.jpg


Scarf: Stay cozy and warm in the freezing air conditioning or use it as a pillow.
Gum or hard candies: So the dry air won’t make your throat sore.
Chapstick: Because the dry air will also make your lips chapped.
Snacks: Because your husband doesn’t want to see you get hangry.
A project: Like to knit or crochet? Bring a *small* project – and make sure your needles are dull and don’t look like a weapon. :)
Laptop or tablet: Keep yourself busy by getting some work done, reading, or playing games.
Comb: So you can freshen up before you land.
Books: If you don't get motion sickness. (And yes, those are Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books - I still love them! Don't judge.)
Headphones: Listen to music or watch a movie.
Wipes: The disinfecting kind, of course.

What do you like to bring on a long flight?