Packing for a Ten Day Trip in a Carry-on

It’s been super fun coming up with travel themed posts this week and to wrap things up, I’m sharing how I packed for England in a carry-on+a personal bag. These kinds of pins have been popping up all over Pinterest, but honestly some of them don’t have enough variety. I’d like to bring more than one pair of shoes! Not gonna lie though - when I took out enough clothes and looked at my carry-on I had my doubts that I would be able to fit everything, but I did, easily! 

For my trip I have a carry-on sized suitcase and a large structured tote bag, and our trip is ten days long. Here’s how I *comfortably* fit ten days worth of outfits, shoes, and accessories in a carry-on:


  1. Layer while traveling: It will be cold on the plane anyway. Layering frees up room in your suitcase. It also helps to wear items that will take up more room, like bulky knee high boots.
  2. Roll up your clothing: Rolling up your clothing allows for more room in your bag. I'd seen people do it before but I really didn't think it would make a difference but boy was I wrong! It's a HUGE space saver, trust me. 
  3. Bring versatile pieces: Bring clothing pieces that you can mix and match and wear a few times in different ways. It can be a good idea to stay within a color scheme so that everything you bring matches. I brought a lot of white, blush, gray, navy, and wine colored items.
  4. Store small items in your shoes: This ensures you’re not wasting any extra space. Make sure you only put things that can be crushed a little (like socks).
  5. Put toiletry items in your personal bag: I brought a large weekender type "purse" and I kept all makeup, hair stuff, liquids, accessories, etc in that bag to leave more room in my clothes bag and make the liquids easy to access in airport security.


What other packing tips do you have? Happy traveling!