How to Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone

As you've probably figured out by now, I love photography. I'm the crazy person who takes my camera equipment on vacations - including my honeymoon. Yes, I trekked through the jungle at the Chichen Itza Mayan ruins in 100+ degree heat with a bag full of camera equipment. Do I regret it? Never! There are alternatives though - smartphone cameras have become crazy good when it comes to taking photos. The quality keeps getting better and better and let's face it, phones are more portable. Not every vacation/every day photo needs to be shot with a professional camera.

Having a great phone camera won't automatically make you great at using it, though! Here are some tips for taking great photos on your smartphone. 

Lighting: While smartphone cameras are better than ever, they still need plenty of light to produce quality photos. Make sure you're aware of the lighting situation, especially when you're photographing people. The exception to this is around sunrise or sunset. Silhouettes or semi silhouettes are an artistic alternative during times when there's a low amount of light. 

Enable the grid function: The rule of thirds is a common technique used in photography and enabling the grid function makes using this technique easier. Simply place your subject or point of interest along the lines or where they intersect. This is a basic way to help you create unique compositions.

Edited with VSCO Cam

Edited with VSCO Cam

Keep it simple: Sometimes simple is better. Try an abstract photo of the water and sky at the beach, or position your subject with just the sky as the background.

Don't zoom in: Zooming in will result in a not-so-sharp photo. Try and reposition instead.

Avoid the flash if possible: In most situations, the flash will only overexpose your subject and look unprofessional. Try and use available light whenever you can. 

Use an editing app: An app like VSCO Cam has presets that are easy to use and can give your photos a more polished look.

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