Summer Beach Essentials

Warm weather is officially here! I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend last week, I know I did. Plenty of fishing, laying out at the beach, and time spent with friends. Ben and I love the beach, and we're so ready for our first summer living here. As it's gotten warmer and we've already been at the beach more than we'd normally go in a whole year, we are starting to figure out what our beach must haves are.

Fold up blanket - This fold up (picnic) blanket from Target is super convenient it folds up into a light package and has a handle so you can carry it over your shoulder. Plus, like anything from Target, it's super cute! We use it at the beach and when fishing.

Insulated lunch bag - An insulated lunch bag or cooler is absolutely necessary to keep drinks, sandwiches, and fruit cold. This bag is freezable - you stick the whole bag in the freezer overnight and it keeps your items cool all day.

Hat - Protect your face from sunburn (and aging) with a cute hat. Personally, I just like baseball caps.

Sunscreen - Self-explanatory. No one wants to be crispy fried. I use a separate oil-free sunscreen for my face because it cannot handle normal sunscreen - it makes me break out like crazy.

Sunglasses - Even if you don't have super sensitive eyes, please wear sunglasses. A couple years ago at an eye doctor appointment, my doctor found a bump on my eyeball called a pinguecula...caused by too much sun exposure. It had to be removed (ew) and she told me to always, ALWAYS wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from UV exposure.

Chapstick - With SPF protection of course.

Magazines or books - If you like to read.

Hand sanitizer - So maybe I'm a little bit of a germ phobe buuuut who knows what's been going on with the sand that's all over you.

Beach tote - To throw everything in.

What are your favorite beach essentials?