Why Good Branding is Important

When people think of branding, they often just think of a simple logo. While a logo is a huge part of it, branding goes way beyond that. Your website, your marketing materials, photography and graphic styles all make up your total brand. When you have only a few seconds to make an impression on a potential customer, good branding is important. 

Yes, that's a random embroidery book on top. I'm an old lady at heart.

Yes, that's a random embroidery book on top. I'm an old lady at heart.

A good brand

1. Makes you recognizable: An easily recognized brand helps to create trust with your clients. People are more likely to use your products if your brand is memorable.

2. Clearly demonstrates your style/products: Branding should point to what kind of products or services you are offering. People should be able to look at your website or brochure and immediately get a sense of what kind of company you are. A corporate company's branding should be very different from an eclectic fashion boutique.

3. Helps you attract the right audience: This kind of goes with the above...every brand has a target audience, whether it's broad or small. A brand should appeal to the specific types of people you're trying to reach.

4. Shows your credibility: Have you ever seen a small business or organization with crappy signage/logo/ads? If you know nothing about that business, it can make you wonder how credible they really are. Having good branding makes for a better impression and even if you haven't been in business long, you'll look professional. 

5. Helps you stand out: Everyone wants to stand out from their competition, right? Enough said!


If you are a small business and you think you can't or shouldn't spend money on good design, think again! Great branding coupled with great marketing will bring in more business and is definitely worth it. I absolutely love working with small businesses, if you're unsure of where to start or what you need, feel free to head over to the contact page and find out how I can help you!