Tips for Creating Beautiful Photo Books

Photo books are a beautiful way to bring your digital vacation, wedding, or family photos to life. Many people don't order photo prints anymore, and it's sad! There's something impactful about getting your wedding photos blown up on gorgeous paper and hung on the wall. Maybe I'm just biased, but I love print media. A photo book is a keepsake that's easy to put together and relatively inexpensive. 

Right now, I'm in the process of making a 2014 - 2015 book for Ben and I. I'd like to do one a year, and I'm adding some text detailing some of our experiences. You could do something similar to that, just a plain photo book, or even a mini Instagram book! The possibilities are endless.

There are many sites to order photo books from, some popular ones include Shutterfly, Blurb, and Nations Photo Lab. Another site I've seen a lot of recently is Artifact Uprising. They pride themselves on using quality paper and beautiful designs - even if you aren't creative you can easily make a beautiful book with them. I'm planning on trying them for our first yearly book!

Here are my tips for creating a beautiful photo book:

Keep it simple: You don't necessarily have to put more than one image on a page (although you could!). One stunning image per page/spread is often enough. 

Use a grid: A nice way to use multiple photos on a page is to use several square ones in a grid. Make sure all the photos are related - either by color tones or event. 

White space: Don't be afraid of white space! Well placed white space gives the eye a break and it looks professional.

Fonts: Choose simple fonts, and not more than two. Pick two that have a lot of contrast, such as a serif and a sans serif. A serif has...well, serifs. Aka, the decorative little short lines at the edges of the letters. A common serif is Times New Roman. A sans serif simply doesn't have the lines. A common sans serif is Gill Sans. Try using one for a title and one for the smaller body text.

Use quality photos: Try and use crisp photos with natural lighting.


I am SUPER excited to continue working on my photo book. I love being able to add photos from our new experiences and I can't wait to order it at the end of the year! What kind of photo book will you make?