How to Look Your Best in Photos

Whether it’s posing for a group photo at an event or at a paid photoshoot, everyone wants to look their best in photos. Everyone is photogenic in their own way… yep I said it, YOU are photogenic! I don’t care who you are or what you look like; there are some easy ways to look great in any photo!

Practice: Yes, as goofy as this sounds, practice in the mirror. If you’re anything like me, sometimes you think you’re making a nice face and you come out looking like a chipmunk. It’s helpful to practice a nice smile so you know what it feels like.

Stand/sit at an angle: Standing at an angle is flattering for everyone – even if you’re thin. Standing at a ¾ angle will definitely make you look thinner, but it’s also more dynamic than just standing straight with your shoulders squared towards the camera.

Posture: Don’t slouch! To avoid a double chin, make sure your neck is straight, but tilt your chin down slightly. You want to push your forehead towards the camera.

Lean in: The closest thing to the camera ends up looking the biggest. While sitting, lean into the camera and not away from it. Your arms/shoulder will look bigger than they really are.

Favorite outfit: Wear clothes and shoes that you feel great in. Don’t feel pressured to wear something like heels if that’s not your thing. Don’t even feel like you have to dress up if that’s not your thing. If you feel good in a v neck, jeans, and tennis shoes, wear it!

Hair and makeup: If you’re getting photos done for a special occasion, consider having someone else do your hair and makeup. Whether it’s your sister or a hair and makeup artist, it will take some pressure off of you.

Don’t be hard on yourself: Even the prettiest people have photos of themselves that they hate. Bonus tip: hire the right photographer. A good photographer will know how to pose you, what angles to shoot from, etc.


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