Simple Ways to Actually Follow Through with Goals

Oh, goals. It's easy to dream about your great ideas but without solid goals, your idea is going to stay just that - a dream. Following through on goals is something that's difficult for a lot of people, especially those with creative brains (we tend to be more relaxed!). While I still definitely have a hard time with this, over the past couple years I've found simple ways to follow through and accomplish what I want.


Make a list:

Keep it simple. Make a list of what you want to accomplish long term. It could be in the next six months, or a few years in the future. For me, the next six months of long term goals look like this:

1. Make my first Etsy sale
2. Increase my reach on Facebook
3. Connect with other bloggers

And so on.

After that, break down each item into sub bullets with manageable steps that it will take to achieve that particular goal. For instance, under number one I may add: upload more product photos, promote listings, offer my prints in multiple sizes. Now, when things get crazy with my business or I get off track, I can go back to this list and figure out what I can do TODAY to take a step closer to achieving these goals. My daily to do list is then based on that.


Give yourself a deadline:

Once you've made the lists above, don't stop there! Give yourself a deadline for each sub bullet and reward yourself when you get it done. Coffee, anyone?


Make sure you actually want to do it:

Don't just do something trendy because everyone else is doing it. Make sure they're things you actually want or need to do. Don't base your career path choice on what other people think - decide realistically what you actually want to do. If you don't want it OR need it - chances are you're not going to follow through.


Your goals are going to change and shift as you go. The list you make will probably be edited several times in the next six months as you achieve goals or change your mind about things - that's ok! No matter what you want to get done...finish school, buy a house, or start a business, stay on track! You will get SO much done if you can stay on top of your goals.

How do you stay on track? Comment below!