How to Stay Creative

It's easy to get overwhelmingly busy with work, your business, and life in general. As a new blogger and freelancer I have SO much more to do than I ever dreamed. Although I love it, it is definitely difficult to stay creative sometimes when my mind is crowded with administrative tasks, design work, photo shoots, blogging, etc. It's a lot. So how are you supposed to stay creative amidst all the madness? This is something I've struggled with over the past few months but recently, I've started figuring out what I need to do to avoid burnout.



I recently went on a family vacation to the Outer Banks and decided I was NOT going to bring my laptop. I needed a break. Social media posts were scheduled, a blog post was scheduled, and all I brought was my camera. After five days of being gone, I came back SO refreshed and realized I needed to set limits for myself. There needed to be at least one day a week where I didn't touch work, didn't check emails, and didn't look at social media. It may seem like you don't have time to step away but trust me - it will give you time to recharge and you won't regret it.


Pursue a Hobby

Learn something new or start up again on an old hobby. It's necessary to step away and pursue something else you enjoy doing. I like fishing and swimming. I also find that other creative projects like knitting, crocheting, and crafting in general are perfect activities to give me a break from thinking about work for awhile. 


Do a Creative Project for Yourself

Take a step away from other people's projects and work on a project for yourself. It's great that you enjoy what you do - so do it just for yourself sometimes! I may go to the beach in the morning and shoot some foggy photos, or chip away at the editorial photo book I'm making to document my life with Ben. Whatever project you have been wanting to do, be intentional about making time for it.


Carve out time for yourself. Even if you love what you do, you still need regular breaks to stay fresh for yourself, your family, and your clients. How do you stay creative?