How to Design Effective Pins

Pinterest is HUGE these days, and good pin design is important when it comes to standing out in the crazy amount of content floating around out there. Recipes, living room decor, outfits, and art flood our Pinterest feeds every day. What makes you stop and take the time to pin a specific pin? Because it’s useful or attractive? Most likely, it’s a combination of both, but a beautifully designed pin is what catches your eye first.

Today I’ll be sharing my best tips on designing beautiful and engaging pins:

Vertical Orientation

Most pins you’ll see are vertical (or portrait) oriented. They simply cover more space in the feed, especially if you make them extra long. The maximum width of a pin being viewed in a newsfeed is 238 pixels with an unlimited length. Expanded, it’s 736 pixels wide. This cooking blog does an awesome job of utilizing long pins. Her pins are all extra long and they really stand out in my feed.


High Quality Photos

Well-lit, high quality photos are a must. Pinterest is visual platform - beautiful photos will make your pins look more credible. If you can’t take your own photos or pay a photographer to take some, use a colored background. Elle and Company usually has pins with a colored background and strong typography. Her pins are far from boring, and they stand out among the other pins with photos.



Branding is important. Your pins should be consistent in typography and style. Additionally, the text should be easily read – keep in mind that the pin will be displayed at a smaller size in people's feeds. Make sure there’s sufficient contrast between the text and background. Put the text in a box if necessary.


Once you come up with an initial design, it’s helpful to make a template that you can drop a photo in and change the text or color on. If you’re stuck on your design, just look at your Pinterest and take note of what pins catch your eye and why...just keep it simple and readable!