Why Squarespace is Perfect for Small Businesses

Having a web presence is important for every business, large and small. Businesses often don't have the budget to pay a web designer to design and maintain a website - it can be very costly. Many small businesses and bloggers don't have the need for a full time web designer, so a lot of them are opting for website builders that don't require any code or design knowledge. 

With so many different platforms out there, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are among the most popular. Having used many of these sites for various portfolios and projects, I’ve found that Squarespace is the best for small businesses and blogs, including my own website...and here's why:

squarespace pin.jpg

Well-designed Templates

Squarespace has beautifully designed, clean and modern templates. Picking the right one for you and your business/blog is made easy by how they’re separated into categories: businesses, restaurants, portfolios, etc. Most of them can be used for different kinds of websites but certain templates are already set up with a store, a gallery, etc. These items can, however, (usually) be added later. Customizing the template according to your brand is relatively easy – and no coding is required!


User Interface

Whether you’re trying to add a social media block or trying to changing the navigation, using Squarespace is SO easy. Editing the text for your blog is as simple as editing a Word doc, photo galleries can be added with a click of a button and a quick upload. Even contact forms and search bars are simple to insert where you want. If you ever have an issue, you can live chat with one of their employees and they are great with answering your questions. They can even go in and look at your account to help fix a specific problem you’re having.


No-brainer Analytics

Not everyone knows how to use Google Analytics, and that’s ok. Squarespace has analytics integrated and they’re easy to use and understand. It’s helpful to be able to see how many unique visitors you’ve had in any given day or week, what content is the most popular, where people are coming from (social media, Google, or direct) and more. That way, you can gain insight into what content your audience likes.


The bottom line is, Squarespace is easy to set up and use whether you have any design knowledge or not. It’s inexpensive, and you can set up your hosting space and domain name all at once. Squarespace is the practical choice for a small business or blog. Have any questions about Squarespace or still not sure if it's right for you? Comment below or contact me here!