Why You Can't Afford To NOT Hire a Graphic Designer

Many times, small businesses are unsure if they should hire a graphic designer to develop their branding or marketing materials. With websites like Vistaprint where you can make your own logo or websites where you can buy a premade logo template, why should you hire a graphic designer? Today I’ll be sharing why you should be hiring a professional to design your items even though there are seemingly endless amounts of cheap options that are very tempting when you are struggling to get your business going.



Designers are trained to know how color theory works, how to set up files for print, use the proper design programs (which is not Microsoft Word), and so on. A task like picking a color for a brand may seem simple but it’s something that requires a lot of thought. Things to consider include who the audience is, what kind of company it’s for, what kind of products you’re selling, and what mood you want to evoke. And that’s just the COLORS. You’ll save a lot of time and money by hiring someone instead of trying to figure out these things for yourself.



Because of this training AND a natural creative intuition, your materials will look more professional. This cannot be achieved by buying or making a logo online and trying to add it to pre-made business cards, a website template, and a Microsoft Word trifold brochure (just say no!). All of these resources have been designed by different people - there is no way they'll look like they were meant to reside together in a cohesive brand. A designer will take the time to make sure all of your items are customized. You’ll feel a lot better about your brand knowing that it's not a template that a thousand other small business owners are walking around with.


You’ll Stand Out

Trust me…you NEED to stand out. I doubt you are the only bakery, salon, or shop in your area. There are other businesses just like yours competing for attention. I say this way too much but first impressions are crucial - you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. A $15 mass-produced logo from the Internet most likely will not do that.

Drive through your town or city and look at the shop signs. What sparks your interest about certain ones? What made you choose which of the 567 bakeries you decided to try (not really knowing what their pastries are like)? Most likely if you're making a decision based on impression alone (not reviews or recommendations), you're going to pick the one with clearly branded signage and a decent storefront.

There is an AWESOME bait shop on a busy road near our house and Ben and I found it on accident. There isn’t usually anyone there and it’s probably partly because they don’t have any branding. A small canvas sign with hard to read lettering is nailed above the entrance, and it is impossible to read from the road. This is Virginia Beach. Bait shops aren’t exactly scarce in this town! And yes...I like fishing. It's relaxing. And fun.....although a little smelly sometimes.


People will trust you, your products, and services way more if you have a great brand. It doesn’t even need to be flashy -  it just needs to work. Hiring a designer will help to ensure that your brand is working FOR you, not against you. How are people viewing your brand? Is it consistent and does it reflect what you’re bringing to the table? If not, it may be time to hire a designer.


Have any questions about hiring a designer? Want to hire me? Comment below or send me a message here!