Blog Resources Part 2

Several months ago I shared a few blog resources that I use regularly. I’ve decided to update that list with programs and other helpful media I use for blogging as well. I'm always figuring out new resources, and these are some things that help me with blogging.


Share Tally

Share Tally helps you keep track of your likes, shares, pins, etc. It covers multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and many more. You can either go to the site and paste your blog post URL or you can install their "Tally It!" button into your toolbar (similar to the "Pin it" button).


Adobe Suite

InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop are all essential for my business and my blog. They’re the industry standard when it comes to creating graphics, editing photos, and making layouts. All of my photos are edited in Photoshop and my pinnable images are created in InDesign. Any graphics are made in Illustrator. These programs are some of my most important tools.


Social Media

There isn’t much point to blogging if you don’t share! Social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram are my go-to outlets for sharing my content. I love making images for Pinterest, and being able to schedule posts in advance on Facebook is super helpful.  Instagram is just pretty (This article from the Huffington Post lets you know what time you should post your Instagram photos)! Social media is a HUGE part of blogging. This post on babble is also helpful in knowing when, what, and how to create posts for various social platforms.


Google Analytics

Tracking my site traffic is an important part of blogging. I can see what content is the most popular, what my bounce rate is, how many people are visiting, how long, where they're from....and so on. There is SO much valuable information - even what they're interested in! It's important in determining if I'm actually reaching my ideal audience.



Obviously, I use Squarespace so I can't blog without it. I talked about why it's perfect for bloggers and small businesses in this post a few weeks ago. Scheduling posts, adding photos, and utilizing categories and tags is made easy by the simple user interface. It really is perfect for blogging!


Want to start a blog? These resources are a great place to start - what would you add?