What to Wear When Photographing a Wedding

In this post last month one of the points I made was about dressing properly while shooting a wedding. Nobody wants their photographer showing up in jeans and old tennis shoes. While shooting a wedding, you should aim to blend in with the crowd since you'll be running around in front of everyone. When I was just starting out I didn’t really know what to wear. While I didn't dress too casually or inappropriately, I gradually figured out what to wear and what not to wear. Comfort and professionalism is key! Read on below for my best tips on dressing properly for a wedding:



You are going to be on your feet ALL day, so pick shoes that are comfortable. I’d advise against sandals, flip flops (even fancy ones) and high heels. You don’t want to be sliding around in sandals or struggling in high heels all day. Personally, I like to wear flats or boots that have adequate support and no-slip soles. If they weren’t SUPER expensive, I’d love to have a pair of Tieks. Something similar will do the trick though - I do love my Target flats. 


General outfit

You can wear all black, but it’s definitely not necessary. Just keep colors and patterns muted with minimal accessories. Also, 

1 | Don’t wear a top that’s too low cut. You’ll be bending over and squatting all day…enough said. It’s also beneficial to wear a long top – I like to wear a tunic length top over black ponte pants with a comfortable elastic waistband. These are the BEST.

2 | Dress for the weather. Shooting weddings in the fall and winter often still require spending time photographing outside. Wear extra layers that can be removed once you go inside for the reception. Somehow it is always roasting, even in the winter! Dressy scarves and cardigans are perfect cool weather accessories.

3 | While I personally don’t like wearing dresses and skirts for weddings, you most certainly can. Make sure they have ample straps/coverage and are long enough. I advise against wearing loose, light dresses that will easily blow up in the wind. Structure is your friend here. Another option is a maxi dress or skirt - they're easy to move around in and you can bend over without fear.

The only time I wore a skirt to a wedding, I wore a long, stretchy pencil skirt. It actually worked ok, I could move easily and I didn’t have to worry about it blowing up but… I still prefer pants.
For those of you that have never met me, I’m super tall and it’s too hard to find a dress long enough that I feel comfortable shooting in. 


Hair and Makeup

Wear your hair half or all the way up so it’s not in your face. It's a good idea to keep long bangs pinned back as well. I love these hairstyles. Keep makeup natural and professional. You don't want to look like you're going out on the town.


It’s ok to dress in your personal style – even how you dress is an extension of your brand. Just keep it simple and comfortable! If you are in doubt about how formal or informal the event will be or whether it's outside/inside - don't be afraid to ask your client.

1 | What do you wear while shooting a wedding or 2 | What would you like a photographer to wear while shooting your wedding?